Docks- Lifts- Accessories

Action Dock & Boat Lift Services is the leading expert for designing and delivering a dock solution for any waterfront.We know that purchasing a dock is as unique as your family. Our expert team will examine your terrain and lakeside area, designing solutions that will fit your needs and your budget. We work exclusively with a Beach King to build a dock system that will provide you decades of fun.

Beach King dock’s offer:

  • The ease of adding and removing accessories or dock sections is second to none!
  • Beach King offers a huge variety of accessories for your dock system. We will also custom make accessories to fit your needs.
  • With a 2" wide by 7" tall frame the Beach King dock only needs support legs every 16ft and is still stronger then most other docks.
  • Beach King dock frames are all welded together instead of bolted. This creates a much stronger and sturdier dock.
  • The sun decks can be welded on or made removable (customers choice).
  • The axle and support legs can be either on the Inside of the frame work or on the out side.
  • We have three different ways to adjust the dock height from just Set Bolts, Screw Jacks or Winches that slide on the top of the legs.
  • We have 4ft and 5ft wide docks with as big as sun decks as the customer wants.
  • We have 8ft 12ft 16ft and 20ft standard sections. The less splices you have on a roll-in the dock the stronger dock you have.
  • We have roll-ins and sectional docks
  • We offer many different kinds of decking to fit customers wants and needs.
  • A True 15 year warranty right down to the welds