Retail Price: $400

ON SALE!: $299

The Aqua Lily Stand-Up Paddle Board is designed for all skill levels and is the perfect way to enjoy a smooth experience on the water. This paddle board is inflatable for easy transportation and can be inflated in just ten minutes. This do-it-all paddle board is both stable and lightweight for increased control on the water.

Max Load: 400 lbs.

Accommodates (1) Person

Dimensions: 10 ft. 9 in. Long x 32 in. Wide x 6 in. Thick

Weight: 17 lbs.


Maui Mat: $600

20' x 6' x 1 3/8"

Maui Mats take a tropical spin on the Original Aqua Lily Pad, using orange and teal colors to bring out the island vibes. These pads are 2 ft longer than the Aqua Lily Pads, of comparable length, and are only available in retail outlets. If our 20 ft Bullfrog Lily Pad is not enough for you, then the Big Kahuna Mat at 22 ft. will meet your gigantic needs. Kids love running and playing on these longer pads!


Tadpole Pool Pad: $90

72" x 85"

If you prefer some privacy on the water, the Tadpole Pool Pad is for you. Sunbathe like royalty in this classic floating foam lounger! The mat is equipped with pillow straps to create a comfy cushion to rest your head on. Enjoy it in the pool, lake , or salt water, as this product is made from the same material as our Aqua Lily Pads.


Giant Kick Board: $25

36" x 20" x 1 3/8"

A classic kickboard that is perfect for play or recreational swimming. Fits kids and adults and can be used to play water games, practice swimming, keep you afloat, and whatever your imagination desires. Most kickboards on the market use a closed cell foam structure, making it more prone to wear and tear and sun degradation, while all of our products use a cross-linked polyethelene material that enables extra strength and buoyancy. Take your kickboard to the lake, ocean or pool.

Large Water Saddle: $25

32" x 16" x 1 1/3"

Hang out in the pool or the lake in style with our Green Water Saddle, a unique water toy that allows you to comfortably sit in the water leaving your arms and legs free to dangle. The Water saddle is made with a soft closed-cell, marine-grade foam designed for durability and freedom of movement in the water. Our saddles will support the average size adult or child comfortably and can be used for relaxing, play, or water therapy.